and then again…

it is so beautiful here. A warm wind is caressing my skin as I leave the house in twilight to buy some cigarettes at a close-by stall . I look up at the construction site facing the west, last fading light, when I see some people on top of one of the poor, one-storeyed houses on the opposite side of the empty site erecting a simple construction of coloured banners, flapping in the wind. I can see grace there, and beauty and even something divine as the people seem so devoted to what they are doing. And for a moment time is standing still in India. The wind, the silhouettes of the people against the darkening sky, the ordinary noises from the street – everything is flowing harmoniously together into a big melting pot of life. It is a peaceful image I´m taking home with me and on this evening I´m sure that India is not going to break me. I will always find something to love.

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