Living in India

You know, it´s one of those evenings when you finally rest your mind a little from the heat, the drought, the dust. I take my young sick dog Kalu for a walk, just now, and I enjoy a bit of a breeze that is going while I slowly walk down the narrow society lane to get to the common garden. In the yellow glow of the fading light I watch people on the roofs of the few neighbouring row houses preparing their bedding or their nightfeast: men drinking together to celebrate another shitty day in paradise, or their niece´s wedding or whatever.

I watch the palmtrees swaying lightly in the subtle breeze while Kalu is bringing me a twig from a nearby pile of burnable rubbish – tail high up in the air, nose equally, the whole dog a testimony of the joy of being alive.

I stand and observe, asking myself what the difference of living in India is to living in Germany or Europe or any other country. I can hardly find any.

It might be somewhat hotter here. It might become a lot rainier here, soon, I hope. There are tropical plants around, the obligatory palmtree, this explicit symbol of the tropics, is swaying around the corner. You get bugs here that you don´t get in Europe – we´ve had our share of that stuff lately. Everything might take a little more time and effort to get done. You do spend a lot of time in traffic, mind you. But basically, life remains the same. Same joys, same fears, same old Julia, same old thoughts, everyday. Same tasks, too.

So what is there to gain?

A lot, still.

I am thankful this night because living here has brought a new quality to my life that hasn´t really been missing but was subconscious, somehow. You know, since I have been here, life in itself hasn´t been different, but it´s just that I get a totally different approach to everything, my ATTITUDE has changed. I, for once, am open. And that is a terrific thing to say because I am much more able to live in the present than I´ve ever been before. And it is this kind of awareness that I am grateful for: I DO FEEL when I´m sweating, when I´m upset because of what I´ve just seen on the road, I´m getting involved with whatever I read in newspapers or experience on the streets. Life doesn´t leave me cold. I´m here, right here in this shitpile that´s trying to be one of the world´s economically leading countries – and it makes me happy somehow. It educates me, it challenges me, it tires me. But one thing it never does: It doesn´t bore me.

So I walk down the little lane of our society, once more, I capture the flying bats during nightfall, I watch my dog while he´s sniffing at something that just he can really understand and appreciate, and I am content and humble because I am here, in India. A country that does not work like all the other ones I visited (and lived in) before and once more, although I am going to swear tomorrow, I am goddam thankful to be here, to be alive in India.

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4 Responses to “Living in India”

  1. Teodoraa says:

    hmm so it doesn’t bore you.. but is it able to let you relax or are you in any kind of tension all the time?

  2. jules says:

    Hallo Teodoraa,

    gute Frage! Wenn, dann hat das eine Menge zu tun mit dem gesundheitlichen Mist, der mir in letzter Zeit passiert ist, sowie mit dem konstant kränkelnden Kalu. Ich bin roh, dass ich die Verantwortung für ihn mal eine Woche abgeben kann, es geht für eine kurze Zeit zurück nach Deutschland.

    Ansonsten ist es so, wie ich es oben beschrieben habe: Es lehrt mich eine Menge, es fordert mich heraus und es strengt mich an. Aber es läßt mich nicht kalt. Keine Schlafstarre in Indien für mich. Und insofern ist meine Grundhaltung hier sicher eine andere. Weil es eben nicht langweilig ist.

    Schreibst Du eigentlich über Dein Leben in Kanada irgendwo? Wär sicher auch spannend zu lesen!

  3. Teodoraa says:

    Ja ich schreibe über Kanada und mein Leben in Ottawa, aber der Unterschied zu Deutschland ist doch recht gering… also ist eigentlich alles so wie immer … 🙂 Ich glaube du kommst auf meinen Blog, wenn du einfach auf meinen Namen hier clickst…

  4. sarangiji says:

    why, where would there be a difference in the world?
    Whaddaya think which country could bore you?
    Could life ever bore you?
    That would be sick!
    Then you’d be sick.
    Be greatful you aint.
    You’ve got what it takes to be greatful, even though there is trouble from time to time.
    Life is a challenge.
    Be happy.